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A brick paver driveway is an ultimate addition to any home. It provides aa elegant look over conventional concrete driveways — Ashwell as having a longer life span and being more forgiving, therefore eliminating the possibility of cracks.

Brick pavers are superior to other forms of material you could install on your driveway. Brick pavers, unlike concrete and other materials, offer many advantages and has much room for flexibility. It has a ranging variety of shapes, patterns, sizes, and colors. One of the significant benefits to brick pavers is that it is safe. Unlike concrete, the joints between the stones allow for a pathway for water to flow, and the texture allows for better grip. Therefore, preventing people and vehicle from slipping when the surface is wet. Installing a brick paver driveway composes of many indicate parts that must not be overlooked during the conceptual and construction phase. Material selection is crucial to ensuring a high-quality project. We only work with quality suppliers of brick pavers to ensure that our customers are satisfied with their brick paver driveway. Attention to detail is also critical in completing a driveway, properly compacting the pace rock and adjusting the paver sand to the appropriate pitch can signify the difference between a well-done project and a poorly done project. Our professionals have years of experience in installing brick pavers, and we strive to ensure that the job is completed flawlessly.

The Process



Remove the previous concert driveway or any material that needs to be removed before the area is prepped. Then lay and compact base rock to establish a foundation for the new brick pavers.



Lay the screen sand over the base rock, which gives us a forgiving surface for the pavers to lay on. Then put the pavers and make finishing touches to ensure that the project is flawless.



This step involves inspecting and cleaning the driveway to ensure that everything is up to our standards. After all, leaving a project that is ready to be used by our customers.


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