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Pool Deck

Brick pavers can completely change the look of any pool and elevate its appeal. Along with custom coping installation brick pavers allow for a safer pool deck, which looks beautiful and is less slippery.

Brick paver pool decks offer a lot of customizability and make any pool deck more appealing. The installation for a brick paver deck can be done in various ways to ensure that it will fit all our customers’ needs. For material, depending on the condition of the pool deck, thinner pavers can be used over a thin layer of sand to make sure that the pavers fit seamlessly with your home. Including brand new coping with the addition of a pool deck adds another level of customizability. It also makes the edge of the pool safer by making the edge of the pool blunt, therefore preventing incidents from happening. We provide our customers with a variety of brick paver patterns, shapes, and sizes to select from, besides traditional brick pavers, we also install and provide suppliers of travertine. A brick paver pool deck, unlike other comparable material like concrete and painted concrete, provides a safer area to walk on. The joints between the stones and the texture allow for individuals to better position themselves and prevent them from slipping. No pool deck is complete without a deck drain, which helps get rid of any water on your deck, further decreasing the risk of slipping, and giving your pool deck a unique contrast point. At MP Brick Pavers, we utilize the best materials to ensure that the project lasts for the years to come.

The Process



First, we examine the area and lay screen sand to sed the base for the installation of the brick pavers. Then setting the pitch to ensure that water runs off to the correct area.



We instal coping, and then the brick pavers according to the customers' specifications. To ensure that all criteria are met. inspect



Finally, we inspect the pool deck and make sure that all our standards have been met. Then cleaning the pool deck and leaving it ready for our customer to use.


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