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No Brick paver project is complete without a few coats of sealer. Sealer protects brick pavers from the harsh elements and protects your investment for the years to come.

Applying sealer to your brick paver project is the best investment you can do to prolong the life of your brick pavers. Brick pavers are constantly exposed to the sun and rain, which can cause them to erode and fade over time. Applying sealer to your project will create a non-permeable membrane between the brick and the elements. This would prevent the pavers from fading and eroding, ensuring that they will remain vibrant and full of color. We utilize the best sealant to ensure the longevity of your project; As well as providing a more dynamic look to your pavers, giving your home a luxurious appeal.

The Process



First, we pressure wash the area where we are going to apply the sealer and remove all particles that could hinder the installation process.



We apply the sealer with a pump, to ensure equal coverage of the sealer over the surface of the pavers.



Finally, we inspect the area where we apply the sealer, to ensure that everything has been to so our specifications, satisfying the customers' needs.


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