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A brick paver walkway compliments any home, with or with a brick paver driveway or pool. A walkway also gives a home a custom look, tailored to the customers' specifications.

Brick paver walkways are a beautiful addition to any home. They offer many benefits that make it superior to other comparable materials. A brick paver walkway provides added safety to your home over its concrete equivalent. Due to the nature of being modular and having groves between each stone, it makes it safer and less slippery, therefore reducing the chances of falling when out and about. Walkways are flexible and able to be put anywhere on your property, making it easier to get around. They are also not limited to being blocky and squared-off; we can make it in various widths, lengths, and curvature depending on our customers’ needs. A brick paver walkway is a perfect way to compliment your brick paver driveway or pool deck. This allows for a seamless transition anywhere you go at your home.

The Process



Remove grass and prep the area by laying base rock and sand, then compacting everything to ensure that it is a firm base for the brick pavers.



We install the brick pavers in the manner that was agreed with the customer, ensuring that all criteria are met.



Finally, we inspect and clean the project to make sure that everything was done to the customers' specifications, and that our standards have been met.


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